Master of Communication Design – Assignment Contextualisation

Keeping Myself Alive

After a few false starts I responded to the assignment by pairing photographs of my messy house with lyrics from songs that I listen to while I am cleaning up. The æffect I am aiming to achieve is that of…

my dear suga

shooting guard. shu. gua. nice :)

i’m learning korean atm, and it’s a really cool language.

i watched a breakdown of the lyrics from daechwita. i did a bit of research. interesting.

so i got the d-2 album. it is very good.

two tracks have really surprised…

Dear RM,

Dear Namjoon,

I can see that you are concerned about something happening within your ranks. Something that until now has been forbidden, taboo.

I believe in you, Namjoon.

You can shepherd your flock through this. You can be their ally.

The world, the big(ger) world will embrace it.

Our model is the trapezoid…

Actual institute may not match photo…

Film Guy: “Cows don’t look like cows on film, you gotta use horses.”

Ralph Wiggum: “What do you do when you need something that looks like a horse?”

Film Guy: “Usually we just tape a bunch of cats together.”

Hermione Mary Jane

c/- Markov: As the work schedules, keeping accuracy and reported audio contact information and share quality content itself.

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