To Bangtan.

Dear Boys,

Dear Jung Hoseok,

Thank you.

You may never know this. Even if I write it. Even if I send it. Even if kiss the envelope as it goes into the post, you may never know. What lottery luck would your letter need to have to be selected out from the thousands, the millions…

It’s hard to know how to tell you. You know how this year has been. Do you know how the year has been for a Mum with two kids and an anxiety disorder? Lol. I bet not… :)

In… was it May? You were on Colbert. See, me and Stephen Colbert go way back. My friend loved Jon Stewart, but because of the way things were, I never saw much of his show. I loved Stephen Colbert on spec. Improv, cute, clever, sassy, quick. So quick. Delightable. He is genuine. I adore him.

(Hi to Steve and Evie!)

I’ve been living out Covid-19/20 in Melbourne, but I’m not from here. I’m from the next state down and to the left. South Australia. I don’t have a big family. I let friends come and go as circumstances beyond our control shape the world. But I love my mum, my kids, my daughter’s Dad, my cousin, and now… BTS.

Do you know what good company you are? I feel spoiled with how much content you make for us. I feel loved even though I know it isn’t coming from nowhere, and people have their reasons for wanting you all to do well… but…

There is a term in Korean that we don’t really have in English, which translates to fan service. I really like the idea that Service is part of fandom. I have been inspired to be kinder, more generous, enjoy my food, take time out, dance, sing, be silly…

You guys are living. I’m so glad. Many in KPop have been making headlines for the other reason. Sulli, Goo Kara… if they were your friends, I’m so sorry for your losses. The comedian lady too.

We had some huge losses in Australian Indie Music in 2020. Mike Noga. Last Year we lost Chris Wilson. So sad. This year Bones Hillman. The history of Australian rock is littered with tragedy, from Alex McQueen and Adam D Mills to Mike Noga. These are our fallen. They have moved the frontier forward, which is what all good soldiers do. They inspire, consolidate, hold and advance.

Good soldiers.

You have to be prepared to fight to the death for your right to be kind.

I wrote that. In my mid 20s, during an intense Jonathan Richman stage. I saw him live once, in Bristol. Long story, won’t go into it here.

I can’t imagine going to a BTS concert. I don’t like screaming. Screaming ruined Blur at Thebarton Theatre. Ruined the Beatles too.

Quit screaming!

Unless you’re making metal, then, you know, go for it.

My daughter has an astonishing deep metal voice she does. Reminds me of Suburban Lawns crossed with Pantera, or Opeth.

Really metally.

A lot of growing up and getting into music is about setting up perimeters, parameters and boundaries that will protect and guide us, shield us and allow us to explore who we are. Whatever music you choose to be your guide, it is an important part of how you grow.

I am growing because of BTS. I am a soldier in their ARMY. I will defend, nurture, support and promote until I can no longer, or the war is won.

Jung Hoseok. It was you. On Colbert. You. Keep it up, babe. You are doing awesome.

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